Sunday, July 21, 2013

Musical Ramblings.

There is something in music. 
Something which transcends the living. 
Something which takes you beyond  your thoughts and feelings. 
I doubt if I'm the only one who feels this. 
I doubt if there is anything more potent than music, 
To heal a wounded soul. 
A crying heart. 
Or even a disturbed mind. 

I was just lost in the thoughts of some good old friend. Lost in the memories which I felt like reliving. That's when I just switched on to some music. More specifically, Aaj Jaane Ki Zid Na Karo. A cover by Shankar Tucker. Now I am no audiophile, but there's something about getting carried away far into the horizon on the shoulders of a beautiful song which I cannot resist. 

Those feelings, when carried on the wings of music,
Those thoughts, when caressed by the notes,
Create a melody beyond the grasp,
Of the human mind.
Or that of the Creator even.

Why am I writing this post? I have no clue. Just a thought that my mind had to put forth.

Till then,


Krishna said...

Thats the power of music.. :)

bharath hegde said...

Yup. Cant agree more!